—  Codependent, c. 2019

The largest project to date from 1th Studio Fletcher Eshbaugh's "Codependent" belongs to a new category of design that melds Psychology and Design into something termed "AnimaForma" representative of both mind and form. The inaugural piece in the ongoing collection focuses on a physical manifestation of a psychological condition. Codependency is the focus of this piece with two interlocking tables that rely upon each other to function, each one incapable of standing on their own. The black void of the larger surface acts as the enmeshed support with two legs representing the enabler or rescuer and the white table with one leg acts as the victim a shining beacon of dysfunction. The two tables seemingly have great physical effect on one another. The black table leaning into the white and the white piercing the black with turned edge much like a bullet exiting a target. As Barbara De Angelis states "the rescuer needs the victim as much as the victim needs the rescuer".